Cycle Up EU

The first professional platform for the repurposing of building and property materials in

A global solution for the reuse of construction materials.

A response to the challenges of building waste and low-carbon construction

Our Mission

Finding a second life for building materials and components

  • to conserve scarce resources that usually come from distant locations
  • to eliminate the waste that accumulates in our cities
  • for a straightforward, functional, and instantaneous low-carbon solution
  • to create new local jobs
  • to decrease expenses

Our marketplace

Buy and sell secondhand materials for building and real estate professionals on a dedicated platform.

By creating an account, you will receive free access to:


• A daily updated catalogue of reusable materials
• CO2 emissions and waste economy calculations
• Methodological contents
• Services
• Commercial support upon request

Consulting and studies

Reuse and circular economy consulting for project owners, project teams, and companies

We support real-estate projects at every step, helping the involved actors to develop the right objectives and skills needed for reuse projects.


We have a wide range of expertise at our disposal, thanks to the diversity and creativity of our collaborators and partners.


We secure projects by applying the highest technical and methodological standards for reuse. 

Materials sourcing and supply

Let us find install-ready products or offer project materials on sale

With Cycle Up, you won’t waste any more time. You’ll get an extensive and accurate view of market prices, personalized advices and the best price for your materials.


An operational team that is committed to developing circular solutions

Our diverse team of 50 experts offers consulting, architecture, engineering, digital & data, and marketing & communication services.


We pride ourselves on delivering successful outcomes to our clients.

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