Cycle Up EU

The first professional platform for the repurposing of building and property materials in


Assistance in finding materials and sales support

Materials sourcing

Cycle Up streamlines the process of sourcing construction materials by providing personalized advice, competitive prices, market insights, and logistics management. 


We find ready-to-install materials by conducting research, reconditioning if necessary, and carrying out necessary tests and trials. 


Simplify your construction site setup and save time with Cycle Up.

Our support packages

Watch & Warning

Chat with our team, and we'll alert you when we find new resources

Active research

We find and match deposits for you, optimizing the associated logistics


We can provide you with all the support you need, including site visits, sending samples, etc.

Selling your materials

Cycle Up helps you sell your excess reusable materials quickly and effectively. 


We handle all the tasks involved in selling, including

  • creating ads
  • interacting with potential buyers
  • scheduling site visits
  • administrative follow-up
  • sales promotion

 We manage your materials for you, so you can concentrate on your projects.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you recycle and reuse materials.

Our packages for selling on Cycle Up


Publish your own ads


Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything


A customised offer to fit your needs

Materials supply


Our mission

To collect end-of-life materials, recondition them and supply them as ready-to-install materials.


A network of partners

For each field, specialized partners, mainly from the SSE sector, and dedicated places in Île-de-France and the regions such as Lyon, Toulouse…


A dedicated service…

We provide a full-time technical sales team to take care of everything you need for supplying your site with reusable materials.


that suits the project

We prepare, transform, and adapt materials, as well as carry out technical re-qualification for each project. We set up a specific organization with selected partners to meet your requirements.