Cycle Up EU

The first professional platform for the repurposing of building and property materials in


An operational and committed team whose main objective is to develop circular solutions. 

Core values and principlesof action

15 experienced and complementary members of staff, coming from the construction and property sectors, working daily in the following areas:

• Advice
• Digital
• Engineering
• Data
• Marketing & communication
• Architecture

Having set up the business in France three years ago, and already doing business with Belgium, Luxembourg and Monaco, we are looking to take on the European market.

Member of the following networks


The OCCE Federation of European General Interest undertakes initiatives to promote change in society through the circular economy, climate protection and Green-Techs. The OCCE also aims to promote the emergence of new technologies and start-ups.


The Professional Federation of Repurposing and Repair, Rcube aims to develop Reduction, Repurposing and Reuse in order to extend the lifetime and reduce the amount of waste.


International network of circular economy entrepreneurs, whose aim is to create solutions for a sustainable economy that is respectful of people and the environment. Thanks to the circular economy, significant improvements can be obtained quickly by companies while creating a positive impact at the social, environmental and economic level.


The BBCA association has developed the first standard for measuring the carbon footprint of buildings over the three phases of their life cycle: construction, use and end-of-life. The award for passing this standard is the BBCA certification, which entered into force in March 2016 for multi-unit housing and offices.


Winner of the Quartiers d’innovation urbaine (Urban Innovation Districts)

Award for Innovation from the Association des Directeurs Immobiliers (Association of Property Directors)

Grand Prize for the digital transformation of property (SIMI 2019)

Nominated at the 2020 Gold BIM Awards: innovative approach category

Naturally, let’s make our buildings simple and smart, but let’s also make them creative, circular, beautiful, pleasant to live in, healthy and convenient by working with designers and builders, whose objective is to promote social and climatic sustainability.

Sebastien Duprat